With our multi-service offering Stature is uniquely placed to support our clients in a holistic way, having expertise in all aspects that impact their financial circumstances.


Reach your financial goals


Own your home sooner


Right asset, right finance


Employee benefits & services


Expertise to help you reach your financial goals


Our wealth management team will work with you to help you achieve your idea of Financial Freedom. 

Making your Super a priority

Next to owning a home, for many people superannuation will likely become their biggest asset. It’s never too early or too late to think about your superannuation.

Whether you need help consolidating your super accounts, a strategy around your superannuation contributions or support setting up and administering a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), at Stature we’ll work with you to find the best strategy to meet your needs for now and in retirement.

Planning ahead for retirement

With strategies tailored specifically to your circumstances, Stature can help you plan a smooth transition, and ensure that you’re making the most of your assets leading into and after retirement.

Maximising your returns for the future

In partnership with you, we can help grow your wealth to meet your income goals. We identify the level of risk that you are most comfortable with and use that information to deliver to you the right advice, to help you achieve your financial goals, both now and in the future.

Being prepared for the unexpected

Stature can help you be prepared for the unexpected events in life.

There are many different types of insurance, and each person and family will have different requirements. We can help you navigate this intricate and important aspect of securing your financial future, giving you peace of mind that you and your family will be protected if something unexpected occurs.

Aged care & social security

We can help you make important decisions about the costs and care requirements for you and your loved ones. The rules that apply to accessing aged care services can be complex and confusing. We can help unravel what can be seen as a series of confusing issues in dealing with Government agencies and private health care institutions.

Ensuring your loved ones are looked after

For many people, providing for their loved ones is an important part of their financial goals. This is usually the case for those with children, particularly if they are dependent in the case of minors or have family with special needs. It also applies to those business owners that want to pass on the family business to the next generation.

Stature can help you with advice on how to structure your estate, to ensure your dependants and family are protected and that your belongings are transferred from one generation to the next.

This website contains information that is general in nature. It does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. You need to consider your financial situation and needs before making any decisions based on this information.


Ensuring you have
the right Mortgage Solution


Stature Mortgage Solutions provides you with information on a range of mortgage and loan options.

Stature Mortgage Solutions Helps You Make Informed Decisions

We have access to more than 300 products across all major banks to meet your individual needs. We have the ability to negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best possible outcome, not only saving you money but also giving you the confidence of knowing you have the best solution for your circumstances.

Here are a few ways that Stature Mortgage Solutions can assist you

  • Conducting a complimentary mortgage health check
  • Advice on how you should start saving for your first house
  • Advice on how much you should be borrowing
  • Assisting with pre-approval, and securing an interest rate, even if you haven’t found the perfect home yet
  • Advice on when to consider downsizing or upsizing your living arrangements
  • Deciding whether it is best to go with a fixed or variable rate
  • Advice with how your mortgage solution fits with your other financial investments and arrangements


Right Asset,
Right Finance


From finding the right vehicle or business equipment, to sourcing the right finance, Stature Leasing can provide advice and help you gain easy access to a range of lenders and finance options for both individual and business needs.

Here are a few ways that Stature Leasing can work with you

Individual services
  • Help you buy your first car
  • Recommend options if you want to upgrade
  • Provide salary packaging options
  • Arrange finance for your purchase
Business services
  • Motor and heavy vehicle leasing
  • Arrange business equipment finance i.e. office, manufacturing , scientific & computer equipment
  • Arranging finance for depreciating assets via commercial loans, chattel mortgage, finance lease etc.
Car traders

This service makes choosing a car easy and efficient. We are able to find the right vehicle for you and can negotiate a better price than ordinarily available to the public. The Car Traders service is provided at no additional cost to you and all quotes are genuine drive away prices with no hidden extras.


Supporting your
employees and their
financial wellbeing


Our team of corporate super specialists live and breathe superannuation and insurance! 

Our corporate super specialists are experts in superannuation and insurance. For many employers and their staff, superannuation is confusing and complicated, and insurance is not top of mind. 
We work with organisations of all sizes and we have a well-established and proven reputation in this market, with our services delivered nationally.

Supporting Employers

Navigating super rules and legislation change can be very time consuming for employers and for policy committees (if they are in place). We can provide employers and policy committees with the information needed to fulfil their super obligations. Our passion is partnering with organisations that view their superannuation and insurance offerings as a key strategy in attracting and retaining quality staff. To this end, we offer an employee benefits consulting service; working with employers to create and promote a valued benefits package for employees.

Our services include
  • A documented Service Plan, including a calendar of member service and education activities and scheduled policy committee meetings.
  • Assistance with navigating superannuation rules and legislation change to help employers and policy committees to meet their obligations in relation to superannuation.
  • Managing policy committee meetings, including preparing minutes and managing agreed actions.
  • Assistance with managing all aspects of the superannuation plan, including product updates or stepping in to resolve any product provider issues.
  • A range of Newsletters, Fact Sheets and updates in relation to superannuation.

Member Services

Next to owning a home, for many people superannuation will be their biggest asset. With this in mind our member services have been designed to ensure your employees get the most out of their super.

Our services include
  • Our workplace education program aims to make superannuation relevant to people and to help them draw the sometimes distant connection between now and retirement. Our program establishes a foundation of superannuation and investment knowledge through workplace member seminars, and builds on this knowledge through regular communications, Fact Sheets, onsite one-on-one support and Newsletters.
  • We also offer a more sophisticated and targeted level of education, guiding members to appreciate how superannuation, as well as other issues such as estate planning, insurance, career breaks, debt, tax and non-superannuation investments fit into the broader context of savings and retirement planning.
  • Assistance with administration and customer service support, including assistance with completing forms, updating beneficiaries, consolidating other super funds, reviewing insurance needs, answering member queries or simply with getting online access to keep in touch with your super account and insurance cover.
  • Assisting new members with understanding the super and insurance benefits offered by their employer.

Group Insurance

One way employers can distinguish themselves from other employers, and compete for the best quality candidates is through their employee benefits package. Employer supported staff insurance benefits is one way that employers can attract and retain the staff they want to drive growth in their own business.

Our services include
  • Advice on Group Insurance, including benefit design consulting, arranging quotes and tender management.
  • Once an insurer is chosen, we manage the implementation and staff communication.
  • Assistance with managing all aspects of the group insurance policy, including the annual review, underwriting and regular market reviews to ensure the policy remains competitive.
  • Claims management can be a very stressful and difficult time, and our experienced and empathetic client service team work hard to take the worry away from the person making a claim.

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